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Safety support for any industry.

Areas of Service


Just getting Started

We all need help sometimes. Health and Safety is no different. GoSafe Health and Safety can help you piece it all together, either through implementing new systems or just reviewing and/or adjusting the ones you may already have in place. Sometimes, a new perspective is all that is needed to improve the outcome. We are happy to help, with whatever safety needs you may have.

Hazard & Risk Management

Knowing the risks associated with your workplace, taking appropriate measures to manage the risks and reviewing these regularly is imperative. This is not only a legal requirement but a safe practice that will promote increased productivity and better business.

GoSafe Health and Safety is able to provide a robust system including a detailed risk register for development.


We offer one-off audits including assistance in achieiving pre-qualification approval for SHE and SiteSafe.

Administration assistance

Administration support services are available to help your business manage their health and safety documents.


Standard Operating Procedures are essential in outlining and delivering each task. We can complete these as needed or assist you in their development.

Looking for advice

We are always eager to help. If you have a question, drop us a line and we’ll respond as soon as possible.